Find out about what I’ve been working on, both professionally and at home.


  • Project CQ – design, Ruby on Rails programming
    A top-secret location-based game.
  • Crater – design, PHP & MySQL programming
    A simple setlist management tool for DJs.
  • MétEX v2 – design, content, PHP & MySQL programming
    An update to bring my Paris Métro virtual tour up-to-date with the latest web standards.


  • BBC Bitesize GCSE History (2010) – puppeteering, content
    Worked on the live shoots for the video shoots as well as the website content.
  • BBC Bitesize Facebook page (2010-2012) – brief, design, content, maintenance
    Charged with revitalising Bitesize’s social media presence, I planned and implemented the page, setting the style guide and writing content.


  • ParaBeatParaBeat (2007-Present) – PHP programming, maintenance
    Italy’s first community dedicated to the Italian-produced genre of music, Eurobeat, and the connected Japanese dance style, ParaPara.
  • Cool Stuff in Japan GuideCool Stuff in Japan Blog (2006-2007) – content
    During my time in Japan, I came across a fair few things I thought were quite cool and/or useful, so I wrote some guides on how to use them for people who couldn’t speak Japanese.
  • MétEXMétEX (2005-2007) – design, content, PHP, & MySQL programming, maintenance
    My first major multimedia project, MétEX is a virtual tour of the Paris Métro and served as my final-year university project.
  • KC MultimediaKC Multimedia (2002-2004) – design, content, maintenance
    My first personal site before moving to my current domain name, I used KC Multimedia to experiment with more professional-looking designs.
  • NGCINGCI – Nokia Game Community Italia (2002-2003) – content, PHP programming, maintenance
    My first community site, NGCI aimed to help Italian players during Nokia’s exciting alternate-reality game, the Nokia Game. Incorporating news, forums and chat rooms, players gathered together to help each other during the 3 weeks that the game ran.
  • & (1997-2002) – design, content, PHP & MySQL programming, maintenance
    The very first website I made was dedicated to the Italian Disney comic, PKNA. By 2001, was one of the oldest and most respected PKNA fansited on the web, receiving a nomination for an afNews International Internet Award! was a Samurai Pizza Cats fan site, based on the same design as v5.