Hi there!

Richard WhittakerI’m Richard Whittaker, and I work on the internet. Not literally the entire internet – although I did get to hold it once. You could say I’m a professional content creator and (currently) amateur web developer. I work at the BBC, commissioning infographics and maintaining the written content on BBC Bitesize.

I also work on my own projects, of course – and that’s what you’re mostly going to find here.

Quick CV

  • Graduated from University of Kent in 2005 with a BSc in Multimedia Technology and Design
  • Worked in Japan on the JET Programme for three years, teaching English to elementary and junior high school children
  • Joined the BBC in London in 2009 as a Web Assistant for Bitesize
  • Moved to Salford Quays in 2011, promoted to Researcher
  • Now working as a Researcher in the Knowledge & Learning Infographics team

Contact me

Got something you’d like to talk to me about? My email’s [email protected], or you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile. You could also try shouting really loudly but I’m not sure that would be as effective.